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If you love your laptop, get a laptop sleeve. If you’re like us, you spend countless hours staring at your computer, touching it… and maybe even talking to it. Laptop sleeves protect against scratches, dust and damage. From leather to rugged canvas, find your favourite in our expanding collection.

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Laptop Sleeves – Where Style Meets Protection

A laptop sleeve is a pouch, often made of leather, canvas or neoprene, that holds your laptop snugly inside. These protective pouches are designed to fit closely over your laptop and fit inside a larger bag.

Nowadays, we use our laptops for everything from streaming our favourite TV shows to ordering food from the corner cafe. Laptop sleeves add an extra layer of protection to your computer and keep it from gathering dust and lint from the bottom of your backpack or messenger bag. Plus, the tight-fitting sleeve protects it from minor bumps and hits – one more way to keep your laptop safe on the journey.

Keeping your laptop stored in a sleeve means you won’t have to clean it as often. When not using it, keep dust away by storing it in its sleeve. We just saved you hours of cleaning time. You’re welcome.

And if you’re worried about a functional laptop sleeve ruining your outfit – think again. From genuine leather laptop sleeves that age beautifully, to rugged canvas for the outdoor adventurer, we have the laptop sleeve that your style (and computer) deserves.

How to Measure a Laptop for a Sleeve

It’s easy to get distracted by the look and forget all about the size. We don’t want you to order the wrong size and have your laptop flop around in a sleeve that’s too big… or spend the day trying to force your 15” laptop in one made for an 11.6”.

1. Measure the Length of Your Laptop

To measure the width, close the laptop and use a measuring tape to measure across the laptop from left to right.

2. Measure the Height of Your Laptop

To know the height of your laptop, close it and measure from the bottom of the laptop to the top.

3. Measure the Depth (or Width) of Your Laptop

For the depth measurement, with the laptop still closed, measure from the base (the part laying flat on the table) to the top. Think of measuring how high the laptop rises above the table).

In the description of all of our laptop sleeves, we list what size laptop the sleeve can hold in inches and centimetres. Just another way we’re saving you time.

The Big Question: Laptop Case or Laptop Sleeve?

The biggest difference between a laptop case and a laptop sleeve is that the laptop case or bag usually has handles. Laptop cases also have extra compartments and pockets for storage. Most laptop sleeves are quite sleek and minimal and are designed to be carried alone, under the arm, or extra-secure within a bag.

If you love your laptop, get a sleeve. If you’re like us, you spend countless hours touching it and staring at it. Laptop sleeves give extra protection against scratches, dust and damages from all the bumps on your daily commute. And if you really love your laptop… buy it a leather laptop sleeve. It’s like a constant hug wrapped in supple leather. Who wouldn’t want that?