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As a business, we have a huge responsibility to our customers and the planet we all call home. The complexity of supply chains in the fashion industry requires measures to mitigate negative consequences, such as the impact of logistics and manufacturing on the environment. To minimise our environmental impact and increase the well-being of our brothers and sisters around the globe, we do our best to make conscious decisions to those effects. We want to contribute to changing our industry for the better but are also aware that it’s a momentous task. We’re not a sustainable brand yet, but we’ve embarked on a journey to get there. We’re hopeful that, in close cooperation with our supply chain partners and the industry as a whole, we can reach that goal.

"Honesty and diversity have always been a part of our culture and we try to bring these values into our work with CSR and ESG. We’re not where we want to be yet, but we take our responsibility seriously and improve year after year as part of our growth journey as a company."- Sebastian Petersen, CEO of Trendhim

Our Values

Ensuring the wellbeing of workers, animals, and the environment has always been part of our DNA and we’ve incorporated that into the way we do business. To us, sustainability is a business imperative and critical to our long-term success. We’re constantly working towards full transparency within our supply chain, but it’s a very complex area. To us, transparency means honesty, which is foundational to any good business partnership. That’s why all of our suppliers have signed our Supplier Code of Conduct, which puts them under strict requirements regarding human, labour, and animal rights, environmental protection, and many other subjects. Requirements we all must adhere to if we want to improve.


Our relationship with our suppliers is based on policies that guide us toward a more sustainable future. These policies make our relationships more transparent.


Our Supplier Code of Conduct states: ”We recognise that reaching sustainable development is not something we will accomplish immediately. Rather, it’s a continuous process – a journey that we travel together.”

The Code of Conduct is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and key UN and ILO conventions. The requirements listed extend to all factories contracted by us and all workers within them. This Code of Conduct is a binding, long-term agreement to protect all businesses, employees, and animals involved in our operations.


All our suppliers are also required to sign the following policies:

  • Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Animal Welfare Policy
  • Anti-corruption Policy
  • Child Labour Policy
  • Chemical Restrictions Policy


The power in our headquarters and warehouse is 100% green and comes from Danish wind turbines. Our energy provider NRGI, plants trees to compensate for the Co2 emissions resulting from our power consumption, making our energy supply climate neutral.


As our team grows, we need more office space. The move to our new office was an opportunity for change. LED lights are more energy efficient than conventional lighting and have a longer lifespan, which decreases demand and thereby the environmental impact of mass production. That is why we invested in all-new LED lights for our office, bringing our energy consumption down by 35%!


Data storage negatively impacts the environment as it requires massive amounts of energy. Trendhim runs on Google Cloud, which is the cleanest cloud in the industry. It is currently carbon neutral but aims to run on 100% carbon-free energy by 2030.

Learn more about the cloud on Google's website



You know your day just got a whole lot better when you get your Trendhim package delivered. Now you can enjoy it even more because all the cardboard boxes we use are made of recycled cardboard. Even the production of the envelopes we use for shipping is climate neutral.


Our warehouse’s new storage solutions are efficient and environmentally friendly. They’re made of 100% recycled paper, and they're 100% recyclable when we’re done with them!

Learn more about sustainable solutions on Pallite's website


With the help of our customers, we support good causes and smaller initiatives that positively impact the lives of people who need it, deserve it, or just because we want to! We’ve sent accessories for auction to raise funds for the homeless, sent shaving cream to cardiology departments, and given toiletries and sweets to underprivileged children, to name just a few initiatives.

Sustainable Partnerships


Enacting change is easier with the right people on board. That is why we partnered with Sustainawear to become more knowledgeable about matters of sustainability. Through their programme, we’re constantly learning how to be more conscious about our practices and think sustainability into our decisions. The programme is designed by experts in the industry and therefore creates great added value to our implementation of matters of both CSR and ESG.

Learn more about Sustainawear on their website

Giving waste a new meaning

We’re rethinking the way we dispose of waste products, giving them a circular lifecycle. We’ve partnered with Upcycling Forum, an organisation that helps companies upcycle waste materials. Together, we’re in the process of implementing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals like Decent Work and Economic Growth, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Partnership for the Goals ( read more about UN’s goals on their webpage). We hope to find a new purpose for all the products and materials that cannot be sold on our website for various reasons.


Our long-term success is built on doing business fairly and ethically. Whistleblowing is a service that allows you to report any concerns or breaches of our ethical code or values. You can raise your concerns anonymously and without the burden of proof - just in good faith - below.

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