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Men's watch strap charms

A watch that speaks to you speaks for you. Flesh out the story it tells with charms that represent who you are. In this category, you’ll find high-quality stainless steel charms in a variety of designs – perfect for adding detail to your story.

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Why Wear Watch Strap Charms?

We’re storytellers by nature. For some, expression takes the form of writing. Others paint. Yet others tell their stories through what they wear.

A watch can say a lot about a man, but at the end of the day, it was designed as-is. Wearing watch strap charms is your way to take ownership of your watch. Use them to indicate your profession, religion, your passion, or simply how you’re doing today. Swap them out on a daily basis to represent who you are, ‘cause who you are changes day by day.

Types of Watch Strap Charms


Are you a businessman with a bit of a headbanger in you? Decorate your dress watch with a subtle skull to keep your edge. Skulls are also memento mori - reminders of death that help us remember that our time is limited, so make the most of it. A reminder of death that reminds you to live.

Symbols of Luck

Whether or not they’ll boost your poker game, symbols of luck identify a risk-taker. Add these to your watch strap to show who you are or simply to distract your opponents from the ace of spades you have tucked up your sleeve.

Religious or Occupational symbols

An anchor charm is a perfect way for any sailor to take the sea with them on their adventure on land. Add a subtle symbol of your religion to your watch strap and carry it with you. Whatever charm speaks to you is right for your watch. It’s your story.

Emoji charms

Simple emoji watch charms are the perfect way to add your mood to your strap. Wear a smiley to show you’ve got those positive vibes or simply to out yourself as a millennial (or zoomer) who communicates primarily with emojis.

Watch Strap Charm Colours and Materials

All our watch strap charms are made of surgical-grade stainless steel and are scratch and rust resistant. On top of that, our coloured designs, be they black, gold-tone, rainbow, or any other colours, are PVD coated. The process involves fusing titanium nitride to the metal’s surface at the molecular level, resulting in a gorgeous scratch- and tarnish-resistant surface that’ll neither fade nor flake.

How to Attach Watch Strap Charms

Many charms feature a flared pin that’s about a fraction of a millimetre thicker at the end than the hole on your watch strap. Simply pop them in, and they’ll stay in place. For a more secure fit, look for those that have screw-on back plates. You’ll feel them more, and they may leave a mark on your strap, but they’re not going anywhere.